Syeda Tasnima Tasnin

Syeda Tasnima Tasnin

Research Assistant, Bangladesh

Syeda Tasnima Tasnin has been working in the development sector for the past eight years, focusing mainly oeducation. With an undergrad degree in Economics (York University, Canada) and Masters in Development Studies (BRAC University, Bangladesh), she has also taken short teaching and class management courses. Tasnima started her career with BracIED where she developed curriculum and teaching-learning materials for a BRAC charter schoolThen she and a friend started a foundation to help poor and deprived people and set up a school in a semi-urban area for children of factory workers. She also taught English Literature and Math in an English-medium school for 2 years. Then she worked as a translator and materials developer for the LCFA (Learning Competencies Framework and Approach) project with BRAC and UNICEF. She loves travelling and makes sure to visit a local school wherever she travels to. She also enjoys listening to music and gardening during her free time.